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Customisable Device Configuration Backup

BackBox offers a simple way to backup and restore device configurations by providing centralized management for all your security and network device configurations in a single application using a convenient real-time dashboard.

BackBox is a solution that can help to significantly reduce company resource needs and lower costs allocated to managing multiple network device requirements. BackBox is fully automated and non intrusive and no agents and no network configuration changes are required to accomplish regularly scheduled automated configuration backups.


Backup & Verify Configuration Settings Automatically

Using BackBox, an organisation is are able to schedule automatic configuration backups and monitor them easily from an intuitive dashboard interface. BackBox can also be set up to alert administrators if backups have not been performed. In addition, BackBox performs automatic network configuration backup procedures, and then verifies that they’ve been completed correctly.

After backing up network configuration settings, BackBox performs an MD5 Checksum to verify file integrity, checks file size and file content, and opens archival files to ensure that they’re not corrupted. This ensures that all backup files are uncorrupted and usable so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the event that a network or device recovery is necessary.

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Multi-Tenant and Virtual Sites

BackBox supports the addition of virtual sites so that individual administrators can only view the devices assigned to them. This allows managed service providers and businesses to install BackBox once, and allow different users to manage their own assigned infrastructure devices and backups.

Dynamic Inventory

Using its backup schedule, BackBox automatically pulls in dynamic inventory information from network devices.

BackBox reports on hardware information such as CPUs, RAM, and storage, model and type information for devices, licensing information, and much more. The data is refreshed with every backup so it’s always current, and has customizable fields so you can access the exact information you want.

Automatic Recovery

One of the outstanding features of BackBox is that when a device has to be replaced, or when a configuration needs to be restored, BackBox can be used to minimize recovery time.

Distributed Architecture

BackBox allows the option to distribute the BackBox architecture. This effectively means that BackBox can now be installed on multiple interacting systems and have separate management and agent systems.

Device Management

With BackBox, your administrator can gain direct access to the device management interface. This allows opening either a command line interface or web interface directly to a device from BackBox.

Backup Verification

BD5 Checksum

BackBox performs an MD5 checksum command for all critical files generated on remote devices. This makes it easy for the administrator to verify the integrity of any file before restoring it to a device.

File Size

Your administrator can configure BackBox to expect a certain file size range for devices. That way, files that fall outside of the expected range can alert the administrator that further verification should be conducted.

File Content

For any ASCII-based configuration, your administrator can configure BackBox to search for any string or text within the file, whether the string can be found anywhere within the file, or on specific lines.

File Corruption

Unusable backups are commonly caused by corrupted archive files. BackBox can be set up to collect by default any archive, open it, and ensure that it is not corrupted, and this capability extends to tar.gz archives.

Cloud Based Solutions

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) BackBox can fully support cloud based solutions:

  • Virtual Sites
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Redundancy



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